“Thank you again for such a great semester in Air Quality Management.  As I've mentioned, this was my first foray back into academics after a few years’ hiatus, and I consider myself quite lucky to have landed in such an interesting class with an engaging and knowledgeable professor. The whole experience was overwhelmingly positive and truly a motivation to continue my studies. Charlie Martin, May 2017
Marija Stefanovic

“I can inform you that I have received an official offer from the PEER Consultants for a job….Thank you for everything, it really was a pleasure and a privilege learning from you and other GW professors.” Marija Stefanovic – PEER Consultants, May 2017

Christopher Watroba

"I am managing Booz Allen's contract with the Navy's Renewable Energy Program Office (REPO) and certainly have you to thank for the education that got me here. My career since graduating your program has been incredibly fulfilling and this continues. We are doing some really rewarding work in energy that uses parts each class in your MS program.”   Chris Watroba – Booz, Allen Hamilton, May 2017

Hannah Moskowitz

"It was a pleasure being in your class - it is the best one I have had by far at GW and am glad to have it be the last course I need to finish up my masters this semester.” Hannah Moskovich, December 2016

Scott Barstow

“I'm certainly enjoying my many new experiences with USAID - I joined the agency in May 2016 and have recently been assigned to Vietnam…I wish you continued success as you educate the next generation of champions to help us discover and implement solutions for a sustainable future.” Scott Bartos – US Agency for International Development, December 2016

Luis Cruz

“All is good on this end. I moved to Philadelphia last year to work in the NRC's regional office for the Northeast. I'm currently splitting my time between the office and doing inspections at nuclear power plants, mostly at Three Mile Island. (Very exciting job so far!)” Luis Cruz, September 2016


“During the past two years, I really learned a lot from the EMSE program, and the study life in GW is very amazing and unforgettable.” Shidong Du, May 2016


“I am thankful for having the honor to study at GWU and having you as my academic advisor, such great memories and learning!” Benjamin Heras Cruz, Private Secretary to the Undersecretary of Planning and Environmental Policy, Secretariat of Environment and Natural Resources, Mexico, November 2015