Master of Science Degree

The program of study for the Master of Science in Engineering Management degree with a focus on Environmental and Energy Management (A description of the following courses may be found on GW's University Bulletin.)

EMSE Common Course Requirements (4):

  • EMSE 6001 The Management of Technical Organizations

  • EMSE 6410 Survey of Finance and Engineering Economics

  • EMSE 6820 Program and Project Management

  • EMSE 6099 Problems in Engineering Management and Systems Engineering

EEM Focus Area Electives (4 for non-thesis option or 2 for thesis option; other EMSE courses may be counted as electives with permission of the academic advisor):

EEM Focus Area Electives (4 for non-thesis option or 2 for thesis option; other EMSE courses may be counted as electives with permission of the academic advisor):

  • EMSE 6200 Policy Factors in Environmental and Energy Management (sample syllabus)

  • EMSE 6230 Hazardous Waste Management and Cleanup (sample syllabus)

  • EMSE 6240 Environmental Hazard Management (sample syllabus)

  • EMSE 6245 Analytical Tools for Environmental Management (sample syllabus)

  • EMSE 6285 Analytical Tools for Energy Management (sample syllabus)

  • EMSE 6290 Climate Change: Policy, Impacts, and Response  (sample syllabus)

  • EMSE 6291 Greenhouse Gas Measurement and Reporting (online only - sample syllabus)

  • EMSE 6292 Greenhouse Gas Mitigation (online only - sample syllabus)

  • EMSE 6293 Greenhouse Gas Management Assurance and Information Systems Design (online only - sample syllabus)

  • EMSE 6295 Environmental Security (sample syllabus)

  • EMSE 6996 Beyond Compliance: Next Generation Environmental Self-Governance (sample syllabus)

  • EMSE 6992 Global Connections: Standards in Technology, Business & Public Policy (sample syllabus)

Please visit the School of Engineering and Applied Science (SEAS) for degree requirements and graduate admissions information.