Professor Hassan Keynotes Three Green Business Forums for Climate Action

January 22, 2024


EEMI Director of Global Business Sustainability and GWSB Professor Dr. Salah S. Hassan served as a Distinguished Visiting Professor at the American University in Cairo (Egypt) during the Winter and Summer semesters of 2023.

Prof. Hassan provided keynote addresses at three Green Business Forums for Climate Action in Cairo, Egypt. These high-level events were held on the American University campus in Cairo (AUC) on December 28, January 11, and July 12, 2023.

In addition to Dr. Hassan’s keynotes, the three forums included presentations by chief executive officers and chief sustainability offices from the private and senior government officials representing the public sectors that addressed strategic issues and action plans. Also, the green business forums included panel discussions and remarks by leading professors, deans, and department chairs. These forums included roundtables on building strategic partnerships for Climate Action, featuring presentations on ESG strategies, sustainability management, capital investments focused on green Initiatives, and increasing demand for green products across different sectors.

Besides, the forums featured best practices and roundtable discussions on tactical programs for climate action, including presentations on engaging the business community in climate advocacy programs, creating investment hubs for business development, developing green entrepreneurial leadership and innovations in support of climate action, and the role of universities in promoting dialogue on climate action initiatives.

Furthermore, Prof. Hassan led a Research Roundtable, including an interdisciplinary core faculty from the School of Business and the School of Global Affairs and Public Policy, that discussed several key research priorities across different disciplines aiming to develop collaborative research projects. One of the research frameworks discussed underscored the importance of raising awareness of climate change issues among youth to stimulate responsible consumption behavior in support of green economic growth in local communities. Promoting higher levels of awareness among youth involves developing sustainability skills, understanding best practice case studies, and engaging the youth in action programs supporting their communities. Further, the emphasis on increasing awareness of climate change requires concerted, conscious, and informed youth in support of the 2030 Sustainable Development Goals.

While in Egypt, Professor Hassan met Dr. Yasmine Fouad, Egypt’s Minister of the Environment, at the high-level event of chartering Chapter Zero (click link). This was a fantastic opportunity to connect with corporate leaders and chief executive officers of vital industry sectors, where he also offered CEO-level briefings on sustainability marketing and ESG strategies for climate advocacy.

In addition to serving as the EEMI Director of Global Business Sustainability and GWSB professor of Global Marketing, Dr. Hassan accepted to serve on the World Bank Group's Advisory Committee on Green Business Regulations under the Global Investment Climate Unit.