EEMI Activity in the Public Media

January 22, 2024

Prof. Linquiti

Several EEMI members were active in the public media during the Fall-Winter 2023-2024 season. Here are a few examples:

EEMI Executive Director Dr. Jonathan Deason was quoted in several publications about the recent phenomenon of climate change-induced bad air quality in the Eastern United States from the Canadian wildfire epidemic. These included a June 8, 2023 Associated Press article entitled “A third day of smoky air gives millions in US East Coast, Canada a new view of wildfire threat” (…- rage-winds-wont-budge/), a June 8, 2023 Bharat Times article entitled “Smog continues to blanket New York as wildfires blaze in Canada” ( to-blanket-new-york-as-wildfires-blaze-in-canada/), and a June 15, 2023 Fast Company article entitled “The origin story of the Air Quality Index—and the toxic ‘smaze’ that came before it” (…- smaze-that-came-before-it).

EEMI Visiting Scholar Jimmy Jia was quoted in the August b3, 2023 Reuters article entitled “Focus: For investors, green companies still hard to find with new emissions reporting rules,” a copy of which can be seen at companies-still-hard-find-with-new-emissions-reporting-rules-2023-08-02/.

EEM Director of Climate Change Dr. Rachael Jonassen was quoted in a September 21, 2023 Bloomberg Law article entitled “Rising Seas Imperil US Sites, Military Bases Worth $387 Billion” (…- bases-worth-387-billion).

EEMI Director of sustainable Energy Professor Scott Sklar had a Letter-to-Editor Letter published in the Washington Post on July 7, 2023 entitled “Opinion - Renewable energy credits help in many ways” and appeared in an August 18, 2023 Wall Street Journal video entitled “Photovoltaics and China - The American Invention Dominated by China: Solar Panels” (\).

Several EEMI Directors who are co-authors of a chapter entitled “Preparing Country Leaders for Climate Change Action with UNFCCC” were notified in December 2023 that the chapter has been accepted by the Springer Nature Editorial Board for publication in the upcoming book University Initiatives on Climate Change Education and Research" EEMI Directors who are co- authors of the chapter are Dr. Rachael Jonassen, Dr. Ed Saltzberg, Dr. Peter Linquiti, Dr. Mukes Kapilashrami and Dr. Jonathan Deason. Graduate student Elizabeth Rose, who was a principal contributor to the chapter, also is a co-author.